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2015 Charger Window Sticker Price Discrepancy

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Just downloaded my window sticker for my R/T that was built yesterday. There seems to be a slight discrepancy compared to the pricing from the dealer when I ordered the car. They are listing base price as $33,295 for an R/T, a $300 increase. They also list the compact spare tire option at $395, which should have been a $0 item... I have the printout from when he placed the order, with a VON and the agreed on price, so I'm not anticipating any problems, but just thought this was a bit odd...


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Paste your VIN after the = sign on the link below and hit go. The window sticker is available after it's invoiced and released from the plant (KZ) up until the time the dealer sells the vehicle, so be sure to save it. I've got the window stickers saved from my last two trucks and Jeep. Cool to have.
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Dealer sent me a copy of his invoice and there's a price protection line item, so we're covered. Glad I ordered when I did, saved me a whole $300! I also wouldn't have bought the spare tire if it was $395. I'd prefer to have an actual tire rather than the pump, but not willing to spend that much on it. LOL
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