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2015+ Charger 3-pod Gauge A-Pillar Replacement

Guys I have a 2015+ Charger 3 gauge cluster whatever the freak it’s called. It’s a full a-pillar replacement. It’s black. It was on my car for like 6 months. And then there were some change of plans. It’s in 99% condition. I took off 1% because I’m honest, and it’s a little dusty. It’s been sitting for like a year maybe. Here are two pictures. I’m located in NY and can ship it. I don’t even have a price. Shoot me some offers. I paid $300 I think for it. Maybe even more than that. I dunno let me know. I’ve never used this site before. So I’ll try and check back once a day around this same time 6pm EST thanks. Hopefully somebody needs this


If you want (or care to see,) check out my once upon a time build @Daphne_TheCharger on IG
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