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They've cracked? Where are they cracking? Pictures? What filters are you using? How tight are you making them? I've never heard of a cracked oil filter.

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Not sure what to do. Within the 6,000 miles after an oil change the oil filters after my last two oil changes have cracked. Do you know what can be causing this issue?:crying:
Sounds like the person putting on the filters is torquing them too tight.

It should be hand tight with the gasket against the mounting pad and then another 1/4 turn and you are good.

Our burst pressure on our QuantumBlue Ultra HP Oil Filters is 275 psi with a heavy steel face with 1 more thread pitch for clamping force. Our filters go 14011, 16,600 and 18,230 miles without any issues from them. The oil goes that long so the filter is not anywhere near as important compared to a price oil change!;)

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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