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I've been lurking quite a while looking for a solution to the problem I have. My car has 105k miles on it now. I have had my front differential inspected and the fluid replaced by a transmission specialist. He replaced the fluid twice and said there was a few metallic bits, but nothing unusual. I've replaced the.....electronic differential engagement part (not sure on the technical name).

The issue I have only occurs in AWD. I have a Tazer to force RWD. It occurs sometimes when letting off the throttle in a straight line (usually a light ticking/clunking sound). This is followed by feedback from the car. It feels like a bind that slows the car down. The binding lasts for a split second and everything goes back to normal.

The issue seems to be worse when going left around a roundabout in the rain (AWD). The clunk/tick is much louder and the feedback is much greater.

I did place 255/45/19 tires on the car from 245/55/19 (stock) a while back. Could that have messed up the geometry causing slippage of the half-shaft?
Could I have a broken spline on my half-shaft that only shows itself in AWD when torque is applied or when the transmission stops pushing the car forward.

When applying full throttle in AWD I do not get a clunk/tick. When letting off the gas from full throttle it will occasionally clunk/tick.

Any ideas would be helpful as I read a lot of forum posts that aren't quite the same issue as I'm having.
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