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2013 charger. Cruise control doesn't work... Anyone

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Hello, I finally got the one car I have always wanted to own. And the perfect one. 2013 charger sxt plus with all the fixins. It's got 24000 miles on it and drives awesome. However. Less than two days after owning it the traction control light and the abs light are on. And later in the same day I realized my cruise control doesn't work. After doing some research here and talking to some mechanic friends I think it may be a computer thing that a shop has to fix. But I was curious if anyone knew anything about this.
Thanks in advance
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True. I'm just hoping it's not a sign of things to come. Because so far if love this car.
Will do. I have an apt with a dodge dealership tomorrow morning, so all should be well. I'm looking forward to having her back in tip too shape tomorrow afternoon. I also understand that it was prob just one of those wierd coincidences and won't be too worried about. I have driven trucks my entire life of 33 yrs 16 of which have been driving. The charger is the one car that I have always admired. I think it offers the best of all worlds. I have a daughter (2 yrs) she fits perfectly in the back, it handles like a sports car when/if I need it to, it rides wonderfully, and the ****pit(those awesome nappa racing seats hug my 6 feet 225 frame perfectly) and lastly when I'm cruising around town it's very smooth and comfortable and I don't feel to low to the ground. I'm looking forward to some good times in my charger. One last thing. My wife even loves it and she's a Yukon/Tahoe/ suburban snob.
Update. So at the dodge dealership and it turns out my ABS module is bad as well as my left rear wheel sensor. It will be fixed tomm. My question to anyone who knows is, is a normal thing that happens sometimes or is this signs someone was driving the car hard. Or what would cause these items to malfunfunction so early on. Better now than after the warranty had expired.
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Here she is all better and tinted out 5% ceramic badassness

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Thanks bro. This car amazes me everyday. I finally engaged sport mode around town all day. And let me tell you. That's about fun. Who needs the hemi. The only thing better IMO would be the hellcat charger. (For obvious reasons). Question though.
My beats sub seems like all of a sudden it got quieter. I was driving and all of a sudden the voice got got muffled the. Staticy. Then it was real low. After a while it came back but the sub never went back to full capacity. Anybody experienced this or knows what it might mean.
I did not know they had a recall for the 13 charger sxt plus. If so I obviously have not heard of it. What's weird is the system sounds fine now. The episode took place while I was listening to iphone through Bluetooth. So should I bring it in to the dealer as it is still under all it's factory warranties.. With all that being said i absolutely love this car.
Thanks man, checked the site no recalls for my vehicle. Maybe it's just the sub or amp and wiring. It sounds fine just not as loud as I remember it. On another note does anyone have any recomendations on a good replacement sub and/or speakers for the beats system. If there isn't anything that will give me much better performance than factory I won't worry about it.
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