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2013 charger. Cruise control doesn't work... Anyone

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Hello, I finally got the one car I have always wanted to own. And the perfect one. 2013 charger sxt plus with all the fixins. It's got 24000 miles on it and drives awesome. However. Less than two days after owning it the traction control light and the abs light are on. And later in the same day I realized my cruise control doesn't work. After doing some research here and talking to some mechanic friends I think it may be a computer thing that a shop has to fix. But I was curious if anyone knew anything about this.
Thanks in advance
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Thanks bro. This car amazes me everyday. I finally engaged sport mode around town all day. And let me tell you. That's about fun. Who needs the hemi. The only thing better IMO would be the hellcat charger. (For obvious reasons). Question though.
My beats sub seems like all of a sudden it got quieter. I was driving and all of a sudden the voice got got muffled the. Staticy. Then it was real low. After a while it came back but the sub never went back to full capacity. Anybody experienced this or knows what it might mean.
The radio going weird was my first symptom of the dreaded bad the diodes overheat they make a lot of ripple current (excess A/C) that your radio picks up as static/popping/snapping, especially on the AM band--turn on your AM traffic report station and see what it sounds like.

Has your's been recalled for the alternator yet?
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