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2012 Super Bee Wheels $1000

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I’m selling OEM 20 Inch Super Bee Wheels (5 x 115) from my 2012 Charger Super Bee. These Super Bee Wheels are in excellent condition and include TPMS, Center Wheels Caps, and Eagle RS tires with less then 8000 miles of use (plenty of tread left). I’m actually sad to let these go, and if I had the room to keep them I would. Currently they are in my apartment, and my girlfriend has threatened to sell them herself if I didn’t post them lol.

They are priced to sell, and I’m asking $1000 for pickup or $1200 - $1300 shipped. I will even consider meeting you part way if you are in an adjacent state (I'm in Atlanta).

I want to preface again that they are in excellent condition, no dings, dents, or curb rash. They will look great on any 1st or 2nd Gen Charger or Challenger. I’m asking less then half of what you will find new ones for online. Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to sell them to a fellow forum member.



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If I wasn't dirt poor at the minute I would drive down the road and pick them up.
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