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2012 Mopars Blast Mt. St. Helens Aug 12th

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I am not on here often, but I would like to get the word out about the Mt. St. Helens run that is upcoming.

The Mt. St. Helens Poker Run will happen on Sunday 8/12/12. 9 am registration

This date is a bit earlier in the year, but it will not interfere with the racing schedule for the Car Club Challenge that the LX/Mopar guys are going to win again.

This year is going to be a bit different than in the years past. It will be a poker run with High and Low hand winners. There will be a 50/50 raffle and some of us will be working on some raffle/door prizes.

So with the proceeds going to The Wounded Warrior Project, make sure you put this on your calendar. If you have donations to go towards the fundraising please contact me.

Roger ([email protected])

Start Point: Exit 49 off of I-5 at the gas station
Poker hand locations: Start, Hoffstadt Bluffs, Viewpoint, Johnston Ridge, and ending location.
End location: Riverside County Park (great spot with plenty of play area, grass, and shade)

Picnic: Riverside County Park: This is a nice county park along a river with plenty of parking for our cars. 58 acre day use area and regional park on the Cowlitz River - includes complex of 3 youth baseball fields n, 2 soccer fields, 4 restroom buildings, roads, trails and walking pathways, playground equipment, tennis and basketball courts, open space, picnic shelters and tables.,ftc,2,fid,1512836,n,riverside county park.cfm

Basic info about a poker run. Start and registration at the first stop you get a card. There are 4 more stops to collect playing cards. The last stop will be at a local park for a picnic lunch. The winners of the best and the worst hand are determined, the 50/50 raffle announced, and prizes will be raffled depending on donations.

Feel free to share with anyone and everyone. There is no cost to participate and join along, but it helps a worthy cause:driving:
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