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Hey guys so my 2011 dodge charger won’t start. I was driving in new jersy from Virginia and it completely cut off on me but before it cut off on me the screen read No Bus and had a logo with a steering wheel with a explanation mark beside it. I had to get it towed from New Jersy back to Virginia. I had a few mechanics come to take a look at it but they don’t know what it is either. I had a bad battery so I replaced the battery and the interior lights came on and the exterior lights as well. I thought it might be TIPM but the mechanics that came to take a look at it said the car doesn't have a TIPM. I just ordered a PCM online and I just bought a Camshaft also and I’m about to install it today. Does anyone have any info about what this might be? This car has been giving me hell since it broke down. The lights turn on but it won’t turn over. When i push the push start nothing happens. No crank sound and no pre start. It doesn’t respond to key and when I push the button nothing happens
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