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2011 v6 police package Dodge Charger

Jan.3- my car wasnt cutting on as I was leaving the house house as you can see (in the image) :
Engine light
2 traction control lights
Ecm light are all illuminated

Jan. 10- replaced throttle body , camshaft sensor, and oil pressure sensor switch
Car was running perfectly fine

Jan.11- It does a long start and it’s high idle (not due to cold start) and I press the accelerator and it won’t go past 2000 rpms

Jan-13th accelerator pedal position sensor replaced (still nothing)

Car is not overheating and idk what to do at this point I’m thinking pcm ?

the codes left :
P0642- sensor reference voltage 1 circuit low
P2638- torque management feedback signal performance
U1407- Implausible engine torque request signal received
U1404-implausible static engine torque signal received
U1400-implausible tps signal received
Car Speedometer Vehicle Wheel Tachometer

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If you have not yet, get your battery properly load tested to rule out any issues there.


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Looking at the codes, and without verifying how the engine management software works,..

My first thought is to focus on P0642. A quick look suggests all the other codes could be due to this initial low voltage reference signal.

Sure, it could be due to a bad PCM/ECM, but a loose connector or broken wire is far more likely.

If it were me, I would focus on this code first. Replacing parts on speculation is way down my lost as a troubleshooting strategy.
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