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2011 Charger RT wont start... not acknowledging brake pedal being pressed. ABS Contro

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So.. i hit a deer with my charger and when it happened, i lost all brakes due to the ABS Control Module being destroyed. i have replaced everything mechanically but the car will not start. it acts like it doesnt know im pressing the brake pedal. i try to start but when i press the push button start, instead of going to run it goes to ACC and still tells me to press brake pedal on the display... i know the ABS control module has to mated to the computer at a shop but the dealer tells me that the car should still start. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Im at a loss and out of ideas. please help! i want my baby back!

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Do the brake lights illuminate when it goes into ACC when you attempt to start? If not, then perhaps the brake switch was broken on the pedal when you hit the deer too.
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