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2011 Charger RT wont start... not acknowledging brake pedal being pressed. ABS Contro

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So.. i hit a deer with my charger and when it happened, i lost all brakes due to the ABS Control Module being destroyed. i have replaced everything mechanically but the car will not start. it acts like it doesnt know im pressing the brake pedal. i try to start but when i press the push button start, instead of going to run it goes to ACC and still tells me to press brake pedal on the display... i know the ABS control module has to mated to the computer at a shop but the dealer tells me that the car should still start. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Im at a loss and out of ideas. please help! i want my baby back!

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please help

i have a dodge charger 06 3.5 ho i changed the engine a time ago
now i have a couple of problems such as performance go up and down , and when i start the car in cold days the rpm keep going up and down for a while is that normal ???!
today my dash boards grears P R N 3 2 L is all marked and it wont start for like a half ahour and i manged to start it but some times when i turn it off and restart it thay marked again ! and the battery is new ???
any idias !
I have another car a bmw 330 ci
Bt this charger its my first car i just love it
So back to the problem it had 2.7 vs
So i just replaced it with 3.5 h.o vs
The dealership did it all
But after a while i faced alota problems
I fixed most of them
Now all i have is the car some times broke down
It wont start at all and i cant tell if its the starter or smthin else
And the code p0403 "exhaust gas recirculation"
After i strighit pip it
Is this code a serios problem !!
And thanks for the follow up
Excuse my english its not my first lang.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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