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2011+ Charger Hemi Service Manual

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Does anyone know of where I can get a engine service manual for a 2012 Charger with the Hemi? What I really need in this manual are all the clearance and torque specs.

I've only found the manual for the 2006-2008 Charger Hemi which are different in regards to VVT. Are the clearance and torque specs different as well or are they the same from the non VVT to the Hemi w/VVT?

Thanks in advance,
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For the engine, transmission and drivetrain the 2010 manual will apply. They haven't changed the 5.7L engine mechanically for the newer cars. The only change in drivetrain occurs in 2015 with the introduction of the 8 speed tranny.

2009 and up are all the same 5.7L Eagle engine.

Before that, the 5.7L was different with a non-VCT design.
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