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Hi All,

Being that I had to go to roughly 7 different websites to get the information that I needed to successfully upgrade from factory halogen reflector headlights to a new set of HID projection headlights on my 2014 Dodge Charger SXT I figured I wanted to post a tutorial on what I did, and what options you have to overcome some challenges. I have attached some before and after pictures for you to look at! The camera alters the color a bit, they actually all match at 6000k and look very sexy when lit up! I could not be happier after the upgrade, simply because the visibility at night is 10x what it used to be. Cutoff is beautiful for the HID lights, and I have not been flashed at once (keep in mind you may need to aim them once installed with the 2 adjustment bolts on the back)

Please keep in mind, you should not upgrade to HID or LED headlights unless you upgrade your headlights housing to be projector lenses! You will blind all other traffic if you stick with your reflector housing.
That being said, here we go!

Step 1: purchase a new set of projector headlights that are built for the 'factory halogen' version of the 2011-2014 dodge charger. Keep in mind that the factory projector has a different hook up, and they are not interchangeable. I purchased a set of the new VLAND headlights, which you can see here: VLAND Headlights for 2011-2014 Dodge Charger. This is a direct plug and play kit using your existing wiring harness on your stock charger.

Step 2: purchase a HID upgrade kit that is compatible with the VLAD headlight unit, which used the correct headlight socket (mine was D2H). From what I have read, Morimoto HID lights are some of the best on the market, so I purchased this set; make sure you also get the anti-flicker module: D2H: Morimoto Elite. Stick with the 35 watt system, as I have heard the 55 watt system can run too hot for the aftermarket projector lenses and might damage them. If you do not want to upgrade to HID headlights, the H7 headlights are compatible (I think, please confirm with seller) for LED or halogen headlights.

Step 3: Remove the front bumper to take out the old headlights, and install the new ones. This is actually easier than you may think... and this video does a great job of showing you how to remove it and plug in the new headlights:2011-2014 Dodge Charger bumper removal. This can be done start to finish (all installed) in a couple of hours even for a novice like myself.

Step 4: Test everything before you put the bumper back on! This might save you lots of work to take it off a second time if you ran into any of the challenges that I did below:
  • Challenge #1my HID headlights would not turn on after I had everything hooked up!
    • solution - Inside of the headlight housing unit are two plugs (look like the flat piece of a wall plug) that plug into your HID upgrade kit. I had these plugged in, but they are polarity specific. If your headlights do not turn on, swap the polarity by swapping the two plugs. This corrected the amateur mistake that I made and everything worked perfectly. You may also want to aim your headlights before you put your bumper back on, because it can be challenging to adjust them left/right afterwards due to lack of space.
  • Challenge #2. The old Dodge Charger headlights use the highbeams as their DRL (daytime running lights) with a 50% power voltage so they are not very bright. The challenge with the new lights is that even though they advertise the LED bar works as the DRL, it does not. In fact they operate off of your parking lights. So the challenge came up that with the new system that uses one bulb for your low/high beams, it was trying to send 50% power to my HIDs to run them as DRL. HID light do not work the same as halogen lights, and instead are either 100% on or 100% off, there is no 50% power feature... which causes the bulbs to flicker. This has a few solutions; if you stick with halogen bulbs you will not have this problem.
    • solution #1 - If you do not live in Canada, you can simply turn off your DRL from the settings in your touchscreen system. However if you are Canadian (like me) DRL lights are mandatory by law, and cannot be shut off in the system. Please see solution 2 or 3!
    • solution #2 - you can buy a new wiring harness, which will supply a constant supply of 12v to your HIDs and allow them to run as your DRL. This can be bought here: HID Morimoto Lowbeam Relay Harness. However this will mean that your lowbeams will be on 100% of the time.
    • solution #3 - if you do not want your HID lights running as DRL, which will of course burn them out faster since they will always be on, you can reprogram your charger to use a different light source as your DRL. Don't let this scare you, it is actually quite simple... and is actually the solution that I used. You can do this with a Bluetooth enabled OBDLink, which is the error reading tool that plugs into your car. If you do not have one, you can buy them on amazon here: OBDLink MX+ or borrow a friends if they have one. On top of this, you will also need the AlphaOBD app for your phone, or PC. This app allows you to connect to the OBDLink through Bluetooth and modify thousands of features on your car. I used this to reprogram the DRL to run as my fog lights. If you do not have fog lights, you can have it run other lights as well.
    • solution #4 - if you do not want to buy any more parts, or can not afford them because of budget constraints for a bit. A simple work around is to not use your 'auto' headlights, and instead always turn your headlights on manually every time you are in the car (day or night) and turn them back off when you get out. While this is not ideal, it worked for me for a week until I found a fix that I was happy with!
I now have perfectly working HID headlights, in the VLAND projector housing using my auto-lights feature. My DRL run as fog lights so no flickering occurs on my HID lights during the day.
If you have any questions please feel free to post! I will do my best to answer all questions when I can.

20190907_100851.jpg 20190907_131019.jpg 20190921_192203.jpg 20190921_192212.jpg
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