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Hey y'all,

Hoping you might be able to help. So parking the charger up about 2 weeks ago and noticed a little rattle on low forward 2 weeks and the rattle was louder, but managed to track it down the cats on the midpipe which have broken down.
The guy who had the car before me had a full magnaflow exhaust fitted, but its welded right through from the top of the midpipe, right through to the exhaust tips. Basically if I don't want to replace the entire exhaust (which I don't), then I'm gonna need to buy some direct fit catted mid pipes and cut/weld them in.
Been looking out there and there are a number of options, JBA, Magnaflow and BBK high flows catted mid pipes out there, just wondering if anyone had any recommendations on rhee or others, or a totally different approach. Gonna cost me at least $1.1k to get the midpipes and get them welded in!

Any help gratefully appreciated. Added some photos below of the current exhaust


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