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Long story shortened lol. I took my car to Jim Cogdill Dodge to get air bags replaced per recall. I had never had an issue whit this car, it ran like a dream.
It has 130,000 miles. I brought it home and it ran for a couple of days. It stalled on me I had it towed home and coded it . It said crank sensor , replaced it still wouldn't stay running. Coded it again and it said VVT needed to be replaced so we took off intake to replace it and there were several solenoids unplugged as well as the VVT. We replaced VVT and plugged up the other solenoids.
Anyways found out it was fuel pump so replaced it. The car ran excellent for a day and then started missing bad , so here we go getting code after code and replacing sensor after sensor. Got it narrowed down to cylinder 6 misfire , replaced plugs, coil pack, injector then realized that cylinder 6 was full of gas so cleaned it and again ran for a day perfectly .
Then last night started missing saying misfire in cylinder 4 and 7
Now for my question....
I believe when i got the car the MDS was disabled and when it went to the dealer for recall they may have turned it back on excpt it was unplugged. Is that possible ? Please help over $600 in what was a PERFECTLY RUNNING CAR....
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