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So I have went back and forth with Dodge. They have determined that everything up to the firewall is working correctly to generate heat. However, this is where I get confused.

The dealer stated that the "heater box" is malfunctioning and is not allowing heat to flow to the vents. The actual actuators seem to be working fine. All the gears move when I adjust them on the climate control. However, I recently discovered that the right side is blowing colder than the left side. So I may have to replace all the ride side actuators.

However, I am confused as to what they mean by the heater box. What is that? I can't seem to find any information on what the actual part is called. I don't have access to an actual diagram of the heater system. The 2 pipes that lead into the firewall have temps of 140+-10 and 160+-5 degrees or so.

Anyone have any advice on what this part is? Is there a diagram as to how to properly remove the dash so I can do this work myself. This actually caused me to fail a state inspection because the defroster is blowing "too cold" :serious:

It seems to work a little better when I drive but ultimately it never heats up enough to produce a significant amount of heat.

2008 Dodge Charger 5.7 Hemi RT
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