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2008 Charger RT warm start issue

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Hi all!

I have a 2008 Charger RT w/ road and track package. Never had a single issue with it until recently.

If she sits for a few hours or more it starts normally. Issue is with after driving any kind of distance, stopping for a short period of time then starting the car again. It reacts in a slow/labored way before starting.

Thinking of setting up an appt with the nearby Dodge dealer soon but thought about checking in here first to see if you guys had some ideas of what this could be.

I live in Florida so weather is not an issue, high 60's/low 70's these days.

Thanks for any input!
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Have you ever replaced the battery?

I had the same issue with my SRT and it turned out to be the battery. Although it tested fine, it just couldn't handle hot starts. I replaced it and no more issues.
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