Selling the original wheels & tires from my 2008 Charger R/T. These were removed from the car on April 30, 2011 with 12,679 miles and replaced with a set of magnum-style wheels from a then-new Challenger Rallye. Tires are P225/60R18; original TPMS sensors were removed and installed in new rims.

For the past decade-plus, I've taken these rims on every PCS (five moves), where they've done nothing but hang on the wall of my garage. Guess it's taken me 11 years to figure out I'll never use them.

There is light some light scratching on the machined faces of the wheels. It's not curb rash; rather the scratches are from very waxy and cactus-like plants which lined our driveway in central California - which my wife dutifully rolled against every single trip up and down the driveway until we took notice.

Anyway, these would make good OE replacements, upgrades, or even as mounts for snow tires. And while the original tires have low miles, they are almost 15 years old (the car was built in September of 2007). I wouldn't run them with any degree of confidence.

Asking $250.00 for the set; you come & get them. I'm located about 15 miles due east of downtown St. Louis, a few miles off I-55/I-70. Send a PM if you are interested or have any Q's.