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My 2008 5.7 Charger suddenly got a gas cap warning with subsequent codes P0445, P0446, & P0447. I changed the cap and looked everywhere for obvious leaks. I did not have access to a smoke machine. I searched the forums for a solution without success. I solved the issued, and I am posting this here to help others with a possible solution or at least one item to inspect should the same issue arise on your Mopar.

I pulled off the right rear inner fender well to gain access to the vapor canister/natural vac leak detection assembly. Disconnecting one fuel vapor line, one electrical connector, and one nut and the assembly removes quite easily. Once removed,
you can check the integrity of the hoses, canister, and natural leak detection valve/solenoid. Removing the valve/solenoid off of the assembly revealed a significant hole in the back allowing outside air to enter. The copper lead to the solenoid was corroding as well. I have no idea what caused that hole. Likely just cheap plastic parts or the wire fried.. 35 bucks at the local parts store and now all is well.

I hope this helps someone with a similar issue.

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