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Thanks in advance!
This is my first post so if there is a thread already available please let me know.

I replaced the Ignition Switch Actuator. I ensured the Actuator pin remained in place and ensured it functioned correctly before final install.

For some reason when I turn the car off, take the key out, and open the door I get a "Door open Key In Ignition" warning and the annoying buzzer. I can not lock/unlock the car with the FOB. I have to sit in the car lock the doors, get out, and lock with the key. Once I open the door, with the key, I get the "Anti-Theft" light blinking. I put the key in the ignition, crank the car, and no issues; it runs perfectly.

When I pull the Key out of the ignition, I do not get that (what I call) springy feeling that I did prior to the original Actuator breaking.

The problem seems to be in the connection that looks like an old school speedometer cable which I know that is not what the actual cable is. As I said earlier the little aluminum looking actuator pin is in place and works (moves up and down) as I put the key in and out (without the cable connected), so my thought is that connection (Cable) is not operating correctly due to not installed correctly. Yes it goes in and locks in place, I am not sure if there is a specific method to installing it.

Just remembered that the steering wheel does not lock either. So there is something going on with the "Module Steering Column Lock.... I think

Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks JK

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The cable is the interlock cable that works in conjunction with the shifter assembly. It should prevent you from starting the car while it's not in park or neutral.

The Charger's steering column doesn't lock, so that's not broken. :)

So now to your problem. It sounds like the ignition switch thinks the key is always inserted. You might want to check the re-assembly of the keylock mechanism with the electrical body to make sure it went back together correctly.
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