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2007 Daytona Charger Versus 2014 R/T Max Charger

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So I bought a 2007 Plum Crazy Daytona Charger in 2007, and we just bought a 2014 Black R/T Max Charger. I've been driving the new Charger, and noticed some obvious differences.

The R/T Max is fully loaded with almost all the options, including safety features (which seems to be important to my wife) and AWD. I can listen to my music on my phone via Bluetooth, remote start my car, and lock/unlock start/stop my car while keeping my keys in my pocket. But even though it has a Hemi, it feels like I'm driving a sedan. The 5.7L HEMI does pickup pretty well.

My Plum Crazy Daytona Charger doesn't have a ton of options, but looks sporty and sounds awesome. The sport bucket seats wrap around my body and keeps me stationary while zooming through curves. It doesn't do great in rain or snow, but is definitely more fun.

Guess I got to see (and drive) two sides to the Charger... which side did you choose?


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The AWD system adds weight so this is likely why the 14 doesn't feel as fast. Also, your Daytona likely has the sportier suspension package. While the base R/T suspension isn't overly cushy, it's not as tight as the suspension in models with the Road & Track package or STP.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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