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Hey Guys,

New to the site, I just bought a 2007 Charger R/T AWD. I pulled a $7E8 / P0778 code, but it still drives beautifully when driving under normal conditions. It is really quiet, except when "racing" as you can hear a bit of a grindy sound which scares me when launching off the line. Even though it still sucks you into the seats, I'd rather prevent any further issues.

I wanted to check the trans. fluid, but noticed on buying this car that there was no dipstick / fluid indicator. Has anyone heard of or seen any DIY methods for this? the local dodge dealer wants to charge me 150.00$ just to check it and 375.00 for a flush, which I assume wont get rid of the error code ofc. just more so for peace of mind.

Upon reading up on the code I noticed this was probably the shift solenoid / voltage issue from the TCM? Does anyone have any recommendations on replacements / any input / ideas on the DIY dipstick / the error code and the best way to proceed?

Much appreciated,
Looking forward to these forums :)
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