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2006 R/T

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My Charger has to be one of the rarest. In reading these forums, I am shocked at how many problems this car is suppose to have. Nothing major until now has gone wrong. The rear end needs to be replaced. I have 145,000 miles on it and I drive it like a bat.... and semi-race on the interstate, but not around traffic. I am NOT a mechanic. My father was so I know a little about cars, but I can't fix them myself like most of you guys. My mechanic told me it would cost $4,000 to replace the rear end. I guess that would be new??? and he would charge $800 to install it. A few days later he told me he couldn't find one or even parts. He has never been out of line with pricing and has always done a great job but that doesn't sound right. I called the Dealer (I know, a no no) they told me that Dodge doesn't even make them anymore or their parts for the old chargers!! I found a few wrecking yards but you have to pull the parts yourself and then you don't know if it's going to work. I contacted a guy here in TX that only works on Chargers and he said he doesn't work on the 2006 and never will - hates them. Wow! This car to me is worth a million bucks but to sell it, especially in this condition, I don't think I could even get $2,000 for it, even for parts. This car has stuff on it like you can't believe. Fully loaded. It would be a gold mine for parts. I said all that to ask this - Is it true there are no parts but wrecking yard parts? Does it really cost that much to replace the rear end? Do I just need to let it go? I hope someone has some positive information. Thanks.
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The rear diff in your car doesn't have to be specifically for an 06. Unless you're being a purist with it, you can put ANY diff under it, even the newer ZF diff will go in it. The car itself has been virtually unchanged, 1st gets are first gens, etc and most all mechanical parts will swap back and forth.

Yes, you'll need axles, spindles and driveshaft, along with a handheld tuner to set the new gear ratio.... and it WILL be a little work, but too many other people have already done the swap to the stronger ZF rear.

I'd surely be interested to know who in texas told you they wouldn't work on an 06 lol.
Actually, he said he won't work on Chargers because he cant get parts. He is in Dallas area. Also, mine has a multi link independent rear suspension, leaving the wheels and tires on the car when the rear end comes out. Suppose to be less trouble that standard rear ends. AND, I don't know if the whole thing is bad, it may just be a part inside that needs replacing, but then again, everyone keeps saying there are no parts to be found.
Every Charger and Challenger on the road has multi link rear suspension. They're all (minus gearing) nearly identical, they all come out and go in the same way. One will swap to the other, some take a little more know-how than others.

There are several used rear diffs around for the 06, but like I've said, 06 is not a unicorn, other years will work.

Any shop that says they don't work on Chargers for lack of parts isn't a shop. It's a front for a lazy person. There's an abundance of parts for our cars, they're just not cheap.

Call Rick Tapp and Tapped Performance in McKinney, ask him about replacing the rear end.

Depending on where in Texas you are, there are plenty of shops I could recommend.
I agree with you - it's not that they can't - it's because they don't want to. Thanks. I will call Rick Tapp tomorrow. I live south of Dallas but if it means getting my car fixed at a reasonable price I'd to to CA! I would appreciate getting recommendations so I can check prices and thanks again. You may just have saved the life of Black "Jack"!
Thanks - I'll let you know the outcome.
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