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Dear all,
My hemi 2006 charger has recently been vibrating when accelerating past 40/50mph. This issue has came up in the past few weeks and has only been getting worse. I've brought it into the mechanic about 5 or 6 times in the past week and any fixes they make to the car, such as new brakes, new motor mounts, new calipers, re-alignment, and other cooling system fixes(I don't think the cooling has anything to do with this issue), which have not solved the vibration problem. To describe the vibration for you, its not like my wheel is shaking but more I feel the front of the car vibrating when I accelerate, it doesn't sound bad but it definitely affects the performance. The car pulls very slightly left on its own and the engine bay is kind of noisy when starting up the car compared to before the issue was present(slight knocking sound but its 100% not rod knock). More useful information would be the fact that it has lower suspension than the stock 2006 models and that its reaching roughly 120k miles. I don't see it being the actual engine as that was worked on around the 100k miles and parts were replaced. I've been looking everywhere and the best idea I have generated would be a deteriorating or faulty cv joint. If you can give me any useful advice, please do I need it more than anything.
Thank you all for your help,
Ryan Voegele
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