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2006 DUB Edition Dodge Charger RT

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Introducing the 2006 DUB Edition Dodge Charger RT : 50 Cent #1 on Pre-Order List
Making it's world debut at the 2005 Chicago Auto Show is the next vehicle in the exclusive DUB Edition family, the 2006 Dodge Charger RT concept. The goal of the DUB Edition modification is to blend street luxury with enhanced performance. The 2006 DUB Edition Charger RT features the same Hemi power found in the 300C and Dodge Magnum RT. Hip hop superstar 50 Cent was shown an early rendering of the DUB modified Charger and had to be the first person on the pre-order list and will be the first registered owner of the Dodge Charger, making the first Dodge Charger delivered a DUB Edition. For a first hand view of the menacing DUB Edition Charger RT concept, and other custom and celebrity owned vehicles on display at the DUB exhibit, visit the Chicago Auto Show which goes on until February 20th. More information on the DUB Edition Charger will be added to as it is available. Many thanks to all of those involved in making the DUB Edition project a reality, and to Michelin for getting us those rare 22" tires from France in time for the show!
Press Contact:

Email Tel: 626.336.3821

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