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2006 Charger RT 5.7 stalling issue, and can sensor fitting issue.

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Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me, their be a topic already but it think it's only for srt, I have a rt 5.7. I tried the asd jump but it made the situation worse , cel light now showing all O2 sensors , and of course p0340 sometimes p0344 and of course all O2 sensors, esp and traction control light turns on suddenly while driving , on and off deal. Thanks in advance
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Jumping the ASD like that fried the O2 sensors. The jumper is only to be used for a specific diagnostic procedure.

You aren't the first member who tried to do that (following another member's thread) and fried their O2 sensors as a result.
The ASD relay!You cant leave it jumped all the time when the system is shutoff,your energizing the coils,fuel pump,injectors and that spells disaster.The person put in an On/OFF switch,so when he shut off car,the ASD relay is not energized!
Actually, he did leave it jumped all the time. He had an SRT with a weird issue that the ASD jumper fixed. Even Chrysler told him not to do it, but they finally agreed that it worked on his car, but they didn't know why.

Doing it on a normal car fries the O2 sensors. OP, Remove the jumper and don't do it again. You now also need to replace the 02 sensors.

You need to find a way to resolve your original issue...and this isn't it.

What was it that you were trying to fix by doing this?
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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