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2006 Charger RT 5.7 stalling issue, and can sensor fitting issue.

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Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me, their be a topic already but it think it's only for srt, I have a rt 5.7. I tried the asd jump but it made the situation worse , cel light now showing all O2 sensors , and of course p0340 sometimes p0344 and of course all O2 sensors, esp and traction control light turns on suddenly while driving , on and off deal. Thanks in advance
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Just tried it, cleared codes till I started it gave me p0031 p0037 p0051 and engine was just shaking , did I maybe burn the tcim? The jumper is not installed at the moment , and it still shuts off and starts back up and runs a bit better
I never had this issue until I tried to jump the asd relay and I did it on the right place it just did that so I put the relay back in
Any other method other than jumping the asd relay since it already may have burned my O2 sensors
It hasn't shut off only runs terrible when i first start it , shuts off then turn right back up no misfire or anything
If the asd was the reason for the car to shut off, and if by jumping it if it would fix the issue, and also I diconnected an O2 sensor and the code went away, weird but I'll replace O2 sensors, so far car runs fine after the 2nd to 3rd start only showing me the 3 O2 sensor codes and the annoying p0340 , I used autozone sensors, (cam and crank) not sure if that's the problem
Replaced all 4 O2 sensors, seemed really bad visually, still getting codes, car rarely shuts off, but runs rough with p0300 random miss, and reoccurring p0340 with p1158 and p1159, anyone might have an idea? Thanks in advance
I've replaced all sensors and cam sensor with oem mopar, no more p0340, all I'm getting it p0300 and the p0031 p0037
P0051 p0057, starts fine at times but runs reaLly rough till it warms up, possible that I burned the fuse box when I tried to jump the asd? Are their any fuses or relay for the O2 sensors?
1 - 9 of 21 Posts
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