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Greetings Everyone,
I just purchased some wheels to use for snow tires to replace the standard 20's on my 08 R/T R&T. I got them off of Craig's list, wheels are like new, and the guy said they would work on my car. We get some snow here in Minnesota...

Question for the collective hive is, can these wheels work?

Inside wheel it says: 18x7.5Jx55 and 0UQ68TRMAA

My car is an 08 R/T R&T with the standard 20's chrome clad.

I pulled both the front and rear wheels off and tried the bare one and they both hit.. :(

Am I out of luck or can they be made to work?...

Note: Did some digging and I think these wheels are for an AWD car but not sure.

thanks much for the help....
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