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'11 - '14 Hemi Driver's ...please chime in on BSM / bad alternators

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It is well documented regarding the BSM message in the EVIC. I have been having the Battery Saver Mode message come and go for the last 6 - 8 months or so. Dealer cannot replicate it or resolve it.

Today hopped in the car w/ the kids and got BSM message in the EVIC. Then the radio shut down and the soft touch buttons on the 8.4 screen went inactive. At the same time I heard a whine from under the hood. Popped the hood and could hear the sound from the alternator. I also noticed a burning/hot smell associated w/ electrical type problems.

There is a recall for the 160 amps on the 3.6 Pentastars, but none yet on the Hemis w/ 180 amps. Made a complaint w/ Chrysler via phone and opened a case. (They were super helpful, I must say) I am going to the dealer at first light. What is a bummer is I am just outside the 36k factory warranty @ 40k, but only had the car for 20 months....And I was in the process of purchasing extended warranty, but that won't go into effect for another 30 days.....

Would appreciate input from the Hemi owners. I know there are multiple threads on this here, but wanted to get a streamline thread on this for the 5.7 / 6.4 guys and gals....maybe they will issue a recall fix for us...maybe not, but worth a try. I will post same message on another forum as well

Murphy's Law strikes again......:frown2:
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I've never had BSM pop up, but I have had instances where I'd start the car and the heated/vented seats would not work as touch buttons (but the driver seat would actually heat up if it were below 40 - wouldn't show on the screen though). Didn't try the cup holders, but the radio was fine. Also had it once on a remote start where the screen was completely black and didn't come on until I put the car in reverse, then it booted up.
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