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'11 - '14 Hemi Driver's ...please chime in on BSM / bad alternators

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It is well documented regarding the BSM message in the EVIC. I have been having the Battery Saver Mode message come and go for the last 6 - 8 months or so. Dealer cannot replicate it or resolve it.

Today hopped in the car w/ the kids and got BSM message in the EVIC. Then the radio shut down and the soft touch buttons on the 8.4 screen went inactive. At the same time I heard a whine from under the hood. Popped the hood and could hear the sound from the alternator. I also noticed a burning/hot smell associated w/ electrical type problems.

There is a recall for the 160 amps on the 3.6 Pentastars, but none yet on the Hemis w/ 180 amps. Made a complaint w/ Chrysler via phone and opened a case. (They were super helpful, I must say) I am going to the dealer at first light. What is a bummer is I am just outside the 36k factory warranty @ 40k, but only had the car for 20 months....And I was in the process of purchasing extended warranty, but that won't go into effect for another 30 days.....

Would appreciate input from the Hemi owners. I know there are multiple threads on this here, but wanted to get a streamline thread on this for the 5.7 / 6.4 guys and gals....maybe they will issue a recall fix for us...maybe not, but worth a try. I will post same message on another forum as well

Murphy's Law strikes again......:frown2:
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I have a 13 RT and I have had this problem since the first fall I had my car it started as BSM would come on very rarely then it became more common i work at a dealership got my alternator warranted was good for about 2 weeks then It came back in the summer time I would notice it would pop up a little less but was still there I left it alone cause there was no fix fall of 2014 the same thing that happened to you happened to me my radio shit off my heated seats would not work and its not like I'm drawing a lot of power I don't have a heated steering wheel or heated cup holders or adaptive CC so I don't understand why I get this message and others don't.

But anyways I talked to a mechanic he looked at it replaced a sensor that goes to my battery and still no fix so he emailed star center....

And unfortunately they say there is no fix and its normal for the car to turn off electronics not needed to run the car.... I think there just being lazy and not looking into it my opinion. The whole heated seats and radio turning off has only happened once but if it happens again I want to check the rear defroster if it shuts that off it could be a potential safety hazard could it not maybe they'll do something then.

I get this message on my evic every time I drive now so if they fix it on your car please let us all know I hate seeing it come on best of luck to a fix

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Thanks for chiming in...I sent a PM to Regina (Dodge Cares)...I will definitely keep on this for all of us. Even if I have to eat it on this one (which I probably will) Maybe it will help someone else in the future....
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I've never had BSM pop up, but I have had instances where I'd start the car and the heated/vented seats would not work as touch buttons (but the driver seat would actually heat up if it were below 40 - wouldn't show on the screen though). Didn't try the cup holders, but the radio was fine. Also had it once on a remote start where the screen was completely black and didn't come on until I put the car in reverse, then it booted up.
Thanks, Nitemare....I had almost the exact thing happen as well.....a ghost in the machine.
Went to the dealer today.....they got a code for the PCM, so they reflashed it for me. The guys said if the PCM is funky the alternator can fail as it tells the alternator when and how much (or not) to charge. They were real cool and the tech actually came out to speak w/ me awhile. No charge for the re-flash. Let's hope that is least for another 30 days, as my extended bumper to bumper will kick in at that point!!

Apparently the re-flash is covered by 8/80k if you are having this issue, you may want to inquire w/ dealer. Who knows, it might only be temporary. If it turns out to be the alt, later on, they are holding a 220amp alternator for me.

Anyways...per Dodge Cares (Regina), no recall for the Hemis w/ 180 amp or 220 amp alternators or PCMs. I will post up if anything else pops up.
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I will let you know....thanks
My R/T has the 160 amp alternator but still no recall.:frown2: I had been getting the BSM message very intermittently. I have since developed a problem with the remote start system. It only works after I have driven a long distance. If it sits for a day or two or driven just a few miles, it does not work.

So I took it to the dealer. They tested the battery and alternator. The battery needed to be replaced so they did that. At 41,000 miles that seems reasonable. Since the battery was replaced I have not had any BSM messages, but the remote start issue remains.

Who knows maybe the BSM will come back.

Well, mine has not come back sice the PCM re-flash. A friend's RT has been giving him the BSM. Not sure which alternator he has. He said he changed his batery a month ago and it has been popping up, but I remember something like tht can happen after replacing the battery.....keep us in the loop.
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