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08 Dodge Charger with police package

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I am wanting to replace the shocks and struts on my 08 charger with the police package. Does anyone have any recommendations on which shocks to get, I am wanting a smoother ride.
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I'd second the idea of changing springs as well. Cop cars had stiffer than R/T springs but not quite SRT spec but they were also taller as well.

A set of SRT springs and shocks/struts will give you a noticeable drop from stock cop height (on my R/T it didn't drop me too much but still noticeable).

If you want a bit softer try to find some 300 SRT take offs they're the softest followed by Challenger and finally Charger/Magnum.

If you want to go new there is a nice Mopar package that includes all you'd need it is around $500-600 but you won't need anything else like adjustable bits because your alignment goes off after lowering etc. It doesn't seem like you're interested in a drop so I didn't mention coil overs.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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