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08/21 @ Windward Mall

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"What's up ANTIBLING ...Dennis, I haven't posted up here in a while as I have been on Charger Forums mostly. Been trying to get us all together from both forums for a while now. Every third Saturday @ Windward Mall, Kaneohe, there is a Muscle Car meet in the open lot on the Kamehmeha Hwy / Haiku corner. I have seen some bad cars over there.....Lately I have seen a rash of Cameros over there. Some classic cars too. I would love to get the LX/LC guys over there...Roddy, Antibling, Da Aqs, Alpha Pro, Titan, Nuked, JT SRT, Luponman, J. KUTSCH, RF SRT8, Dustin C., 808 HEMI, Five-OH, 808 Chally, DAN SS, SWAT DOC...? Who's up for 08/21 @1700 - 2100? I will try and get suspension guy over @ Chance Customs, to show up...he has a super cool Magnum.....Chime in and I'll post up again in Charger Forums. Maybe a member over on 300C forums could cut and paste this or post up over there, and have a MOPAR show of force."
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I will try to be there!
LOL. I know what that means. I've only just been out of the military for a month. JK. :D
Yeah I believe our first M&G was at Pearlridge then we ventured out to Waipio Park, Keehi Lagoon and Blaisdell Park. We should look for more open spots so it'll be more visible to the public and they'll be able to see how we do it.
We're down for a meet up then roll out. We got the back of the pack. She's still rollin stock. LOL
Man, that's not right. Booooo.
They heard we were coming. LMAO.
I've got a birthday today(Saturday) but it's in the morning so I'm not sure about these evening. Might be making these gift boxes for my youngest's 1st birthday next Saturday. Shoot, what if we had a small M&G at my kids first birthday LMAO. It would definitely be nice to see some modded LX's. Haven't seen any up close in a few weeks. *Still waiting to get mine shipped & gf's 300 is bone stock.

Where's the Shack??
Wsup Rody. What part of Ewa you in? I'm over by BK. Actually 2 blocks away from it.
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