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Hello all, first post, please bear with me as I try to explain.
TLDR I am putting in new head unit with amp and speakers. Replacing the aftermarket head unit and speakers.

I am sure this car had an amp and subwoofers in the trunk, due to all the soundproofing/deadening material plastered throughout. Which the amp and subs were removed before we purchased it from a dealership.
It also has working green led light strips in the trunk, attached to the carpeted molding or whatever that covers the upper deck lid inside the trunk compartment.
This car HAD light bars under the rockers on each side with some sort of RGB control box that was mounted on lower left hand side new brake/hood release. These never worked. I has since removed all but the trunk lighting.

OK so when we test drove the car we could have swore that it sounded like it had rear deck speakers that worked. Once purchased and later on in time, I assumed that we were mistaken and the front door speakers were just good sounding ect, I assumed there were no rear deck speakers, I was wrong.

This had a Pioneer AVIC Z2 head unit with component Focal speakers in doors and rear deck. I found that the dash had focal tweeters installed in the dash corners.
We've had multiple electrical (gremlins) with this car. It's an 07 we purchased in January of 2017, it had 45k miles on it original owner traded it in to the dealership we purchased it from.

So anyway, I purchased a new head unit, with blue tooth and usb capability, Pioneer 2400NEX I believe it is. Got new speakers and a 4 channel amp. Not worried about subs or such (mainly wife's car) Didn't realize it was a 6 speaker system prior to the main purchases, I've got 3.5" midrange for the dash coming this week. So the plan is to run the rear deck and the front door speakers off the Kenwood amp, and run the dash deck speakers straight off the head unit. Crutchfield advised this was fine.

OK now to my problems. I've spent alot of time removing everything to prepare for this change over.
It appears that whomever installed original stereo did one hell of a hack job. I found a power wire that goes to the 12v cig lighter plug in ashtray were just stripped and twisted together and black taped. A bunch of cut wires on the main harness cut back so as not to be able to ever splice back into them. Some butt connectors and twist on connectors. It is just a mess. There are two wires that are the only ones they attempted soldering, that are soldered together with two wires coming off that going to one. Two wires out of the harness connector are spliced together with two yellow wires that then splice to a single.

I am a hobbyist computer builder and know that I could probably find the molex type connectors and pins off of a site like Digikey or Mouser, and could just cut everything and re pin. But part numbers and diagrams have been the main issue.

Does anyone know or can point me in the direction of where to find the connector and pin types? Electrical service manual? Diagrams

I know Crutchfield offers their Master sheets, install directions, ect. But they don't offer the factory harness connector anymore, and I honestly thought I didn't need it since I was going Pioneer to Pioneer.
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