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ok, so bought this charger in early 2008 (2007 sxt), the factory radio had sirius already activated using the "mode" button on the stock radio and i have kept the subscription since i bought the car.

about a year ago, the satellite reception started fading in and out, kind of like fm when you are out in the boonies.. never thought much of it, until about 2 weeks ago, i pulled the stereo out of the dash, as a mechanic friend told me it might be the factory antenna possibly had come loose. so once i had the radio out, i pulled the antenna loose, from the back of the radio and imagine my surprise to find the wire had burned and fused to itself (pictures attached, the black part of the wire is actually missing a piece of wire) - the black plastic piece was attached to the antenna and plugged into the back of the radio, once i pulled it out of the radio, and saw the damage to the wire (which is coax), i started looking for an aftermarket antenna that would replace the factory one. long story short, the dealer and manufacturer told me to get a new wiring harness, which cant be correct, as i pulled the glove box and the antenna wire is not attached to a wiring harness,it does have electrical tape attaching it to other wires, but when traced, the line was traced to the roof where the antenna is mounted (from factory installation).
also, now that little piece of black plastic (adapter) has disintegrated and is no longer able to be used to plug an antenna into the radio

my question: does anyone know if there is a sirius tuner installed in the 07 charger, and if yes, where the heck is it located?
or does anyone have any idea of an aftermarket adapter that will fit into the stock radio with an aftermarket antenna for sirius?

PLEASE NOTE, after i unplugged the antenna (pictured) i lost FM/AM completely, but the sirius radio sometimes comes in completely clear and other times its in and out, but having better reception with the sirius since unplugging the factory antenna.. but not clear enough, consistently, for me to keep it this way..

please help... i am so tired of paying for sirius and not really being able to listen all the time :rocker::rocker::rocker:..

thanks in advance
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