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06 SRT8 shuts off, then accellarates w foot on brake

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Hey Guys/Gals, trying to get some ideas of what to go after on my Son's 06 SRT8 that stalled in traffic yesterday, then after it restarted, accelerated while his foot was on the brake. I know it has a linear gas pedal connected to the PCM I believe. He said he tried to pull up any codes on his dash display but none came up. He said the oil light came on when it died which is probly because the engine died. Said all the fluids are good. He's headed home from college tomorrow, bout a 4 hour ride and would like to have a game plan to fix it when he gets home. I've seen some threads when I googled shut down problems which pointed to defective pcm's...but also usually no codes set. Acted like pcm didn't know where the gas pedal was at, and started running a position check on it? stabbing in the dark here. Car has an aftermarket remote start that will start the car 2x's after you reconnect the battery? I plan to get this taken out by dealer that installed it as I think it might be interfering with the tire press monitor system, and it could be causing this latest issue too. mI appreciate any help on this.
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Has the gas tank been replaced yet? Most 06s had defective gas tanks that would shut the car down with no warning. I had mine replaced. This is a no-charge repair.

The acceleration thing is not part of that recall.
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