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06 SRT8 shuts off, then accellarates w foot on brake

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Hey Guys/Gals, trying to get some ideas of what to go after on my Son's 06 SRT8 that stalled in traffic yesterday, then after it restarted, accelerated while his foot was on the brake. I know it has a linear gas pedal connected to the PCM I believe. He said he tried to pull up any codes on his dash display but none came up. He said the oil light came on when it died which is probly because the engine died. Said all the fluids are good. He's headed home from college tomorrow, bout a 4 hour ride and would like to have a game plan to fix it when he gets home. I've seen some threads when I googled shut down problems which pointed to defective pcm's...but also usually no codes set. Acted like pcm didn't know where the gas pedal was at, and started running a position check on it? stabbing in the dark here. Car has an aftermarket remote start that will start the car 2x's after you reconnect the battery? I plan to get this taken out by dealer that installed it as I think it might be interfering with the tire press monitor system, and it could be causing this latest issue too. mI appreciate any help on this.
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don't think the tank has been replaced...will need to call the dealer tomorrow to see. Has had a gas cap evaporative system fault for a little while that is not the cap or inlet connections. Was reading another post on the web that seems like the Auto shut off relay circuit is supposed to keep the runaway throttle from happening...maybe the gas pedal assy is starting to go. Only code pulled up by AZ is the evap system Thank you for the reply.
Yes, it was 2 mins after fill up. Dealer here says the only tsb he has for this car is for the fans, which I have replaced. dealer says the vapor lock issue was 07's and up?Have had a gas cap fault that I believe is tied into this occurrence. Does anyone have the TSB number that applies to 06's for this fuel vapor lock problem? I haven't done any thing with the spark plugs, and based on the fact it happened right after top off, its fuel tank related.
Thank you JTW! Holy Cow...what a long thread, but worth the read....its extended warrantee, not a TSB that gets it done. Gotta call Dodge again tomorrow to see if the car is covered...its an 06, but not sure if its in the window date-wise. The ntsb said 05-06's covered, but leave it to Dodge to cut the list down :(
Ddaddy, it has reved 2500-3000 for 10-20 seconds while stopped, foot on brake 2 times...once a while ago, and again after the car stalled in traffic Saturday...that worries me as the Kid said it lit up the tires momentarily. The fuel tank problem "Hopefully" will be covered under warranty, but if not I'll end up replacing the tank-their parts, my labor. Thanks for the tip on resetting the tcm/pcm.
The gas tank recall is from filling up and it causing a vapor lock issue. Was he at a full tank/ had he just filled up? Sometimes after stalling the car can kick back on again which could be causing that sudden jolt/acceleration. I've had it die then spring back while cruising, while idlely accelerating, while merging into traffic, etc. I've also had it just stall and stay dead until I restart everything.

You're not getting any codes because it's probably not throwing any engine codes but TCM codes which a dealer or someone with the actual scanner tool can pull (not even the aftermarket tuners can pull them).

U0100 is the one to look out for (lost contact with PCM) and P0700 is a sometimes common trans code, which there was also a TSB for in the 06's.

How many miles are on the car? Also check spark plugs and coil packs. While you're at it, check it for the rad. fan recall too... Oh and make sure it's not still running the smooth OEM rotors, as that was also a TSB for the 06's. Good fun.
Thanks Invictu...good info. Car has 65000 miles on it, and yes, he had filled up the car 2 mins before it stalled. Why were you suggesting replacing the spark plugs? for the stalling, or the acceleration to 3000 rpm while stopped? These SRT8's have 2 plugs/cylinder? I'm thinking the revs were somehow caused by the vapor lock...not sure how though, or the gas pedal. Old days you'd just check the throttle cable for a bind, but these drive-by-wire cars are a different breed.
Here's the problem I got now...the car was wrecked and rebuilt...I knew it had a rebuilt title when I bought it. Local Dodge dealer tells me this am that all my warrantees have been cancelled. I call Dodge corporate, verified that the car does qualify for the replacement, except for the cancelled warrantee. and after a long time on the phone, the very nice lady says I need need to solicit my local dealer to work on my behalf to get corporate to reinstate the warrantee. Big Dodge can only see that someplace in GA disabled the warrantee...can't see which dealer? Hmmn. I argue that "You Are Big Dodge can do what ever you like" I just want this gas tank safety issue fixed...I don't think there's any more warrantee on the car at this point anyway.She says they can't override regional can work with regional corporate to overturn it...Fat chance I think. So I call the local dealer back and explain my problem...he says he can't do anything, only big Corp can reinstate the warrantee, which is kinda what I thought. So now I guess I gotta go back and plead with big corporate to reinstate at least the gas tank warrantee, as it is a safety issue. BTW, price for these gas tanks is $700....but local dealer can't sell me the tank with the new part number for this repair, only the old style tank....I get the impression that the tanks are the same except for the part number label after talking with him about it. Any suggestions going forward? Advice...don't buy a rebuilt titled WILL have issues!
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I just sent Dodgecares a pm...hopefully she can help. You know, it shouldn't matter what dealer restricted/cancelled the warrantee...this is a safety problem and warrantee restriction should be waived in order to fix it, and Corporate can give out/extend/modify what ever kind of warrantee they choose for one of their cars/trucks. They use adding an extended warrantee option a lot when a customer has a nagging minor problem they can't fix to his satisfaction...been there done that with Chevrolet. I will probly post the tail end of this if/when I get it resolved in the 19 page saga about fuel tank replacements. Thanks for the link invictu
Its not the fuel tank causing this. I had the same issue and battled it for nine months and $3500 in parts. Car almost got me killed a few times as well.

Check your voltage while the car is running by putting the EVIC in diagnostic mode, hold the music note and compass button on the steering wheel until the display changes, should be no more than 10 seconds. Turn on all accessories and lights AC full blast to put the charging system under a full load. if the voltage drops into the low 12's or lower and is erratic and you don't lose any non essential functions like the ac or radio while the car is running then it is more than likely your ambient air temp sensor. I had the tank replaced and it did not solve the issue.

The later 11-14 models have a dedicated battery temp sensor to tell the PCM the temp at the battery since these cars run off the battery not the alternator. The earlier years do not have a battery temp sensor and the PCM relies on the ambient air temp sensor to help regulate voltage. Even if the outside temp displayed on the dash is correct the sensor could still be defective

These cars are very sensitive to the slightest change in voltage and it will cause the car to go nuts.

After nine months of going crazy I replaced the ambient air temp sensor (a $20.00 part and five minutes of my time)and it fixed my issue and has been running fine for 3 months.
Interesting. I will have to check the batt was just above 12v whgen I put a meter on it last weekend, car off...which should be 13+ seems like. Far as ambient air temp sensor...was missing when I bought the of the many things I've fixed thanks in part to some good info and members from this site. I'm leaning more towards fuel tank as it happened right after top off., I appreciate the info.
The sudden over reving in gear is a result of a faulty PCM/TCM response. You need to first fully reset the entire system and then proceed from there.

The system has interlocking programming that should prevent that type of behavior but it can result from glitches just like your home PC can. First thing is to reboot and then see if the issue persists. After that, start logging and chasing codes on a clean slate so that you can get an idea of what is going on.

Your PCM may be fragging itself, but until you reboot can't know what it's actually doing.
Car hasn't reved like that again or stalled after fillup since the one time. Told The Boy to not fill it up all the way, and let the tank breath before and after the fillups before putting gas cap back on. Did reset codes last weekend when I pulled battery out, cleaned out trunk area and cleaned grounds and power connections in trunk and under hood.
Battery was going south...dropped to 9.5v when cranking it and planned on replacing it over the holiday break. Got back from a ski trip in Maine last night after car sat for a week and w/n crank. Replaced the batt last night. Boy has not had any more stalling issues since the one day. Dodge Cares was not able to help either.
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