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To try to make a long story as short as possible...

I've had problems with my Charger dying on me while driving.

The first time, the car would crank over but would not actually start. Got it sent to the dealership and they "fixed" the fuel pump and added some sort of attachment (?) Not sure what the attachment does but they said it was required now...

The car worked great for about a week and it died on the weekend. Same exact issue. The dealership was closed so I sent it over to another shop...they claimed that the dealership installed the fuel pump wrong and they proceeded to replace the sending unit as well.

I drove the car for another week and it failed again...

Sent it back to the same shop and they "warrantied out" the part they replaced and sent me on my way. This time, I put 44k fuel injector cleaner and replaced the fuel pump fuse.

The car drove fine for 2 weeks and has now failed again.

On the up-side, the car now runs fine while idling, but as soon as I push the gas pedal, the car gets weaker, it jerks and stutters ...and I turn it off before it dies on me.

Note: I always maintain my gas tank at half-full or Full...I haven't let it go below that.

I've gone ahead and replaced the Fuel Pump Relay and the Canister EVAP Purge Valve as I've seen online that sometimes it is the issue...

Now that I'm a bit worried about attempting to drive off... I revved the engine while it was idle and it sounds like it wants to die at 1K RPM, but if I push it a bit harder it revs up just fine...

I pulled the codes and I get a P2066 which is "the fuel level sensor “B” performance. The sensor output voltage is not accurate when compared to the fuel level sensor “A”."

I'm not a mechanic but I'm tempted to take it back to the shop...but I'm not sure I trust them anymore...I want to work on it on my own but I'm not much of a mechanic...and I'm not sure who/what to believe at this point ..

Any words of advice or suggestions?
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