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If anyone wants to know the name of the artist and song title for the new Charger's commercials, The titles and name is: Artist Chris Classic out of New York City ( and the name of the song is Live and Loose which has not been released as of yet. I spoke to Mr. Classic and the song is in the works to be released soon. Also he has asked that everyone make a comment to Dodge about the use of his music in these commercials in the hopes of Dodge and himself coming up with a full music video.

These 2 commercials are HOT and should help Dodge sell a lot of Chargers this year plus help Mr. Classic who is an up and comer in the music business get his career off the ground.

"Unleashed" Videos
#1 -
#2 - Click on the "Unleashed Charger GO" button to watch the video.

#2 is my favorite. Help spread the word for both Dodge and Chris. Lets get this commercial turned into a full length video. TKS
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