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I have a black radiator support $150.00
Plastic shroud pieces the go in front of radiator $20.00 per side.
Unconnecte rear view mirror. Got some pits from 4-5 weld splatters. Still works fine. Change the glass. $45.00
Rear black carpet. No holes or damage $175.00
The following parts are from 2008 srt8 w/ 3088 miles
Srt leather shift knob $50.00
Srt steering wheel. I swapped out the black buttons to the silver ones.
Srt rear hubs / knuckles. $500.00
I've got a bunch if other stuff hit me up if ya don't see it.

I've also got a Daytona rear differential


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Wouldn't happen to have a driver side air vent would you?
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