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06-10 body with low miles or new body with low miles

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Right now I have a 2008 se 2.7l. I love my charger, do not get me wrong, it is a great car. That being said, I think I am ready to upgrade to an R/T! So now I am wondering which way to go. I know that I want a 5.7L, but I am not sure if I would be better of looking for a 2010 R/T with low miles, or looking for one of the newer ones. My budget is about 20k or so, depending on how much I can sell my current charger for. Anyways, I am looking for advice and experience. What would you guys and girls do if you were looking? Maybe some of you are looking, what are you looking for? Any opinions are welcome!

P.S. If anyone is looking for an 08 SE please let me know!

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I love the 1st gen charger. Thats why i got my 2010 instead of a 2011+. IMO the 06-10 have a WAY better exterior, but the 2011+ have better interior.
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