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I'm selling a 2004 saturn Ion Redline, 28,250 miles. Asking 14,500. OBO
Selling to step up to a SRT8.

Call me for questions! 440 623 2345
Need financing use capital one person to person auto loans!!!
You could expect a 250 - 299 payment on this car!

Stick shift, Supercharged from the factory, sunroof, dvd player, xm compatible, 27mpg highway, 21 city! Recaro seats, ABS, 4 disc brakes

Car fax link: 2p24z23939

An excerpt from GM describing the vehicle:

The ION Red Line, which was developed with the GM Performance Division, includes a standard 2.0-liter supercharged, intercooled, 205 horsepower engine; a racetrack-bred suspension; large four-wheel disc brakes; 17-inch forged alloy wheels; and close-ratio 5-speed manual transmission. The vehicle sports a lowered suspension, high-flow stainless-steel exhaust, leather-accented Recaro performance seats, spoiler, and exterior styling specific to the Red Line model.

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