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  1. Exhausts on V6 2013 Charger... Much Help Needed!!!

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hello everyone, I'm new to charger forums. I'm 16 and plan on getting my first car in about 2 weeks. I've visited the Dodge dealership and love the charger, however it rides a little too quiet and underpowered for my liking... before you bag on me getting a v6, as much as I'd love to have the...
  2. Zoomers mounted

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Jus got the Zoomers exhaust mounted my 2010 Charger R/T and up the Rev Limit with the Predator and tuned it the 93 performance tune:beer_yum:
  3. Zoomers exhaust won't fit??? WTH

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I ordered the zoomers mufflers(yea only the mufflers) and took them up the street to Meineke to get put on. They pull them out the box and tell me that they wont fit, they'll be to low to the ground and that the muffler itself only looks pretty but its design wont give me better flow. WTH
  4. FOR SALE: Zoomers Catback (6.1)

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    SOLD: Zoomers Catback Exhaust $600.00 + shipping. Retails for $1499.00 new. Located in San Diego, CA PM if interested
  5. FS: Zoomers exhaust 5.7 R/T Charger Hemi

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I have a Brand New Zoomers Exhaust for sale. for the 5.7 hemi ONLY, fits 300c and magnums. A customer put a deposit on the item and we order the item but unfortunately never came to get the exhaust. here are the pictures. The item is located in Las Vegas NV. i accept...