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wiring diagram

  1. Interior Discussion/Modifications
    hey yall i got a 14 pursuit package that im converting into a civilian model. and like a lot of folks im getting hung up does any one have a copy of the wiring diag for the center console?
  2. Interior Discussion/Modifications
    Just picked up a cop charger at auction. It is a 2007 and I am wondering if anyone has the complete upfitter's wiring diagram. I may keep the car after I test drive it for about a week or sell it. It would be nice to know what all those cut wires are that hang onto the floor where the console...
  3. Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Posted here about how to turn on my fog lights with the police package before... turns out i didnt have bulbs. Duh. Anyway, bulbs in place, wired up to existing wires I'm wondering where exactly these wires end up in the cabin. I imagine they belong to one of the 3 clusters I have in the center...