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  1. Charger Problems/Assistance (2011 +)
    Hello guys, i just change my old 2013 charger rt engine to new 2019 charger rt engine should I tune the car after the swap ? Also i feel the car is slower than before what should i do after changing the engine ?
  2. Charger Problems/Assistance (2011 +)
    Hey I have 2017 RT and was swapping my pcm to an unlocked one and broke the bottom clip connecting the wires to the stock pcm. It snapped with barely any effort. Is there still another way to remove it? It’s stuck onto the pcm now.
  3. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I have a 2015 charger RT and want to know if I buy the pcm and tuner can I turn off the traction control without the engine light coming on?
  4. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Just sold my 2014 SRT Charger and put the tune back to factory before selling. I now have the tuner for sale. I have no idea how much to ask so I am asking $200 OBO. Not looking to offend anyone. If you don't like the price, make me an offer. No low-balls please! Thank you!
  5. General Charger Discussion
    I know that the predator 2 has a little bit better screen and probably a bit more are newer cars but for the older ones would the much cheaper predator 1 be good enough?.
  6. General Charger Discussion
    I have a 2011 r/t and recently was looking at the diablo 93 i3 tune. I do have a 2 year engine transmission warranty on my car, not through dodge, and I was wondering if the diablo tune would void that warrenty even with the stock file loaded on the tuner. I’ve heard many different things but I...
  7. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hey guys im looking into getting a tazer for my 16 charger rt, but i also want to get a diablo trinity tuner, to get a custom tune, get rid of the speed limiter, etc... can i run them both on my car? Will one effect another or will they both run smoothly together, thanks
  8. Performance Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    I have a 2014 Charger RT 5.7 with 33,000 miles, I just installed a AFE cold air intake and Corsa Extreme exhaust. I was looking to get a diablo tuner but wanted to know if I should run the 89 octane tune or is it safe to run the 93 octane? It is safe and worth the extra gas money? It is my daily...
  9. Performance Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    Hey I am looking into getting the Diablosport Trinity for my 12 charger RT and I've read a lot back in 12 they were having issues with the devices freezing and causing you to be stuck in between factory and Diablo mode causing the dealership to get involved. My question is have they finally...
  10. General Charger Discussion
    Alright folks, I'm sure this has been answered a million times, but does anybody from Washington State know if I have to take the Tune off of my car before I run it through emissions? I'm running the CAI 91 Canned tune with the throttle setting at 12. I just don't want to remove it if I don't...
  11. Charger SRT-8 Discussion
    :bigthumb:Alright folks, I'm sure this has been answered a million times, but does anybody from Washington State know if I have to take the Tune off of my car before I run it through emissions? I'm running the CAI 91 Canned tune with the throttle setting at 12. I just don't want to remove it...
  12. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hi Guys (and girls), I understand this question should be in the performance section but after browsing through it there doesn't seem to be many people that have factual information; mostly just opinions. That being said..... I have a 2011 Charger Rallye V6 with a CAI, Throttle body spacer...
  13. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    $225 obo. comes with usb wire. traded in my charger to a dealership so it's guaranteed i put the stock tune back into my car. text 9084188000. my location is springfield, NJ. Zach
  14. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hi everyone, I just wanted to post a quick review about the dPG Custom email tune offered by DCX Depot: DCX Depot (especially Chris) did a wonderful job and their customer support is just extraordinary. I bought the dPG Custom tune (100 $) because I'm living in Europe and there are almost no...
  15. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I know there are quite a few posts about the Predator tuner so I apologize for anyone who has seen enough of them. So here's the story... I'll be getting the AFE stage II shortly. I've also seen the package for the CAI and Predator to save around $100 for getting both. I've been reading quite...
  16. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I ordered a flowmaster exhaust system with super 40's, BBK CAI and shorty headers, DiabloSport Predator, E3 Spark plugs. I should have it all delivered by Feb. 26th. But, before I go crazy on a weekend I would like to know. Does anybody know a good place in the San Francisco Bay area to go for...
  17. General Charger Discussion
    Just curious, if one were to disconnect their battery should they put their factory tune back on their car? Or will it be saved, kind of like saving a document on computer and turning power off. Even though power is off it's still saved. Does that same concept apply to cars? Thanks for any...
  18. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I just got the Predator and installed a tune for the first time. When making the back-up of the factory tune, the headlights came on and off. When writing the new tune (91oct CAI) the headlights came on and off again. Some of the dashlights also went on and off during the process. Before I...
  19. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I plan on very soon getting the following mods installed: Mopar CAI Long Tube Headers (Kooks or SLP) Corsa/Borla Catback Do I need to get a tune for everything to work ok? I realize I'll probably get responses like "If you're spending $2,500 what's an extra $400...but that's ok" :bigthumb: As...
  20. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Been searching for the last hour all over the Internet to no avail. :slap: If I get a Predator and load a canned tune is it 50 state legal? I can't seem to get a straight answer. I understand having LTs, etc. will impact emissions. Does anyone have an answer: Is the Predator 50 state legal...
1-20 of 21 Results