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  1. Tazer and diablo?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hey guys im looking into getting a tazer for my 16 charger rt, but i also want to get a diablo trinity tuner, to get a custom tune, get rid of the speed limiter, etc... can i run them both on my car? Will one effect another or will they both run smoothly together, thanks
  2. 2016 392 Diablo Trinity with PCM swap

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hey all, new member here! I'm not new to the Hemi/Mopar world - I currently own a '14 Hemi Ram Sport 4x4.. Anyways, I paid it off a couple months ago - and like the sucker I am, I'm going to jump right back into a car payment (Lol) with a 2016 or 2017 Charger SRT 392 in a few months. Just...
  3. DiabloSport Trinity Questions

    Performance Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    Hello all, slowly working on and building up my '14 R/T Awd, and with summer coming up the spring purchases are already coming in. One such item was a DS Trinity Tuner, and while I'm not exactly newbie with the bolt-ons I've got/getting, this tuner appears to be out of my league. Is there a...
  4. T-1000 and Charger R/T 2014 questions

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hi, Got my T-1000 yesterday and I am new to all this tuning business. My car is stock. Nothing added. I updated the trinity, connected it to my car, was told it needed a calibration so I had to reconnect to my computer. After the calibration, I connected it again to my car and was told (by the...
  5. Trinity freezing fixed?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    Hey I am looking into getting the Diablosport Trinity for my 12 charger RT and I've read a lot back in 12 they were having issues with the devices freezing and causing you to be stuck in between factory and Diablo mode causing the dealership to get involved. My question is have they finally...
  6. detonation, pinging after 3 months of Diablo Trinity..

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Can anybody tell me if I should be worried about this issue... It sounds like marble in a jar when going up a hill or when I first open WOT... IT eventually stops once I'm in the higher rpm range... If I'm easy on the pedal it won't do it also.. The place I bought my trinity set my WOT fuel and...
  7. Special Offer On 2011+ MOPAR Tuning! FREE Overnight Shipping & More!!!

    High Horse Performance
    2011-2012 5.7L & 6.4L Tuning Is Finally Here!!! With the release of the much anticipated 2011+ MOPAR Tuning taking place, we are happy to announce special offers on the Diablosport Trinity, the only available tuner on the market for the newer Charger, Challenger and 300C's. The Trinity's are...
  8. (video) 0-60 mph in a 2010 Police Package

    Picture/Media Post
    Hello here is a 0-60 run using DiabloSport Trinity. this is a friend's car and it's all stock. The car has less than 1,000 miles. mine has the tune and S&B CAI, will publish my testing videos soon.
  9. Post Your Trinity Dashboards Here

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    After some small interest, I decided to re-edit my original post to make this more organized: ATTENTION ALL TRINITY USERS (U7135 LX Users) So I'm sure your aware but the new DS Downloader has an easy feature to export and import dashboards (Custom PID Gauge Layouts) for your Trinity...
  10. Trinity + Single Gauge Pod Installed

    BMC / Speedlogix
    In getting my Challenger ready for tuning in about a week, and getting some miles on her, yesterday I finally installed the Diablo Trinity, the gauge pod mount and the REM single gauge pod for the a-pillar. I love the clean look and the gauge pod is the nicest way to mount the Trinity so you...
  11. Another new tuner from Diablo!

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Are you kidding me Diablo..... Has anyone heard about this yet? I noticed an add in Mopar Muscle's May issue about a new tuner that looks like an Iphone. Looks like it will be replacing the Trinity. They haven't even finished tweaking all the issues with the Trinity yet and here comes...