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  1. FOR SALE: Factory Reproductions SRT8 Charger Wheels

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    $375 OBO for all four... Pictures aren't the best with glare/streaks making the wheels look scratched, but they aren't only about 10k miles on them. Went back to the stock Mopar11 wheels which I like on my car. 20x9 Gloss Black set of four with tires. Local pickup only Washington DC...
  2. alignment question

    hey guys i searched and didnt see anything about this. i have a question im trying to get my wheels aligned for a 2009 dodge charger 5.7 v8 police package. i called a tire and wheel place and they said that they couldn't do it because the subframe had to be removed and that i had to go directly...
  3. From 17 to 20's. What tread to go with?

    Just figured i'd upgrade from my ugly 17" steelies to some nice 20" rims. Buying accorindly, though I am wondering what tread specs are best to go with? looking for something that will last quite a while. I've looked around, and seen that 245/45/20 or 255/45/20 are good choices, whether its...
  4. Tire Recommendations for R/T AWD

    My Charger R/T has approximately 45,000 miles on it now and is in need of a new set of tires. The option of having AWD was the thing that allowed me to have this muscle car as a family car. I bought AWD because here in the Midwest, I NEED it to get around in the snowy winters we have...
  5. TPMS Question?

    Hey guys ... I recently swapped my stock tires/rims (215/65/17) to (225/60/18) ... The guys who did the work put the TPMS on the tires , therefore no light is on the dash. My question is, although the tpms is on the new tires, are the tpms Registered in the car's computer for the new tires...
  6. '08 Charger Largest Staggard Fit

    After searching the forums I could not find an answer or close enough related question. I have an '08 Charger SE 3.5L V6 I currently have Front:235/18 Rear 255/18 I want to keep my same stock rims but maximize my tire width Correct me please if I am wrong but i think 235 is the biggest I can go...
  7. What could cause front left tire excessive wear??

    Hi people!! I have noticed excessive wear on the outside of my front driver's side tire. Even though I'm near to change the four tires for the Hankooks EVO, I need to know what steering or suspension components could be causing this uncommon wear to avoid that damage to the new ones. A couple...
  8. Tire review thread

    Okay im decided to compile reviews for tires and putting them into categories of Summer All Season Winter Drag please post as much of the following as possible - make/model - tire size - type of tire (all season, winter, snow, slicks, etc.) - approximate price - UTQG rating - pictures of...
  9. Tire Pressure for Long Trip

    What should be my tire pressure for a long trip (over 500 miles)? I have 255/60/18. Thanks for all the upcoming replies. :bigthumb:
  10. Tire Bulge - Warranty Cover?

    I'm still under my 3 year/36,000 mile warranty (I also purchased lifetime everything warranty too). My front driver tire has a buldge in it. Will the dealership replace it for free? I have 21,000 miles on my car. If not, Toyo or Nitto's maybe in the future :bigthumb: Thanks for all the...
  11. Help! Tire size decisions!

    I have a 06 RT. I recently purchased a set of SRT rims. The tires on those rims are a staggered set of Goodyear F1's, but they are shot. I have been looking for new tires for about 2 months and having such a difficult time. I was originally going to replace with stock sizes, however stock is...