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  1. Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Alright ive had my halos for over a month, drive with them 24/7. Passed numerous cops, state troopers and sheriffs all over the DFW. (Drove from Rockwall to Dallas, then to Richardson, Plano, and Wylie, just today.) Not once have I got pulled over till tonight! I was filling up and my halos...
  2. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    So, today no more that an hour ago, I got my first noise pollution/exhasut ticket. I have had my SLP LoudMouth I on the car for over 2 years and never had issues. I was at a stop light and as soon as I steeped on the gas and was up to 20 the cop pulled me over. I knew he was right behind me...
  3. Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    post your encounter here if any. if not let me know if yours are light-medium- or dark tint.
1-3 of 5 Results