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  1. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Just curious what people's thoughts were on having a Comp Cam and ARH 1.875" headers with hi flow cats installed were. Going to be worth the money? Seen a few people saying headers don't really add that much power to the 6.4's. Also what would the factory Apache cam, stock manifolds and x-pipe...
  2. General Charger Discussion
    I just brought home my 09 SRT8 Super Bee today and don't want to get out of it. It's #196 , and is beautiful. No mods yet...still getting over this purchase(paid cash). But I am going to order an intake and Diablo Wed. so I guess it's already starting. Anyway, #196 has a happy home and happier...
  3. Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Just got a Bee and don't know how to take care of the Hemi decal on the hood. Just wash and dry? Any product that needs to be applied?
1-3 of 4 Results