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sub woofer

  1. Radio problems...need help

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    I had a 08 RT with a REN and connector for an iPod in the glove box but no sub-woofer. I just totaled that car. I found a 08 SRT with only 6K miles. The dealer said the sub-woofer had some scratches but worked well. When I got the car (sent across the country), it came with a RER (Nav...
  2. sound system questions

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    whats up guys!? my srt8 came with that factory kicker setup that i am looking to change out.... i am looking to buy a 10" L7, should i keep the factory enclosure thats off to the side of the trunk and add a spacer or just pay for a costum one? yes, i will be putting my own amp and keeping my...
  3. Sub install advice needed!!

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    Hey guys so I have 2 12" kicker subs and an alpine amp from my previous ride and I really want that sound back in my hemi! I'm just wondering if all this equipment can be connected to the factory nav system or would It be safer to just invest in a whole new deck? I've been wondering about this...
  4. Installing subwoofers?

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    Hello, I'm new here and i just got my charger and i wanted to install some subwoofers. my question is, would i have to modify my head unit at all in order to hook the subs up to the stereo? i have a 2010 sxt if it helps at all.
  5. Common Sense Question...??

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    I have 2 kicker Cvr 12 inch subs. and a kicker 500.1 amp. it used to work just fine, but now a night when the sub hits it dims my lights and sometime wont even hit. Does this mean my battery life is almost expired or what? this hasn't happened in the past. ive had the set-up for about a year and...